Mermaid floating personalised name sign

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Personalised name sign shaped as a mermaid 

This perfect wall art will look great in your baby's nursery, toddlers or children's room. 

They will beam in delight as their new personalised name sign is hung up on their bedroom wall or door. 

These wall signs are cut carefully with their name and hand painted to their favourite colour, or to match their bedroom. 

We can paint it all in one colour or have the mermaid shape painted in one colour and the name in the middle a different colour to give a lovey contrast. 

These will make the perfect gift for birthdays, dance graduations or any occasion. A classic gift that will be treasured, handmade and painted. 

The name sign is 30cm x 25cm and 4mm thick. Use command wall strips or similar to hang up easily.


A few questions you may have:

Q: How long does it take to be made and be delivered?
A: It takes 14 days to cut and paint, and up to 5 working days for it to be delivered by Royal Mail

Q: How big is the name sign:
A: Its 30cm x 25cm and the thickness is 4mm

Q: How easy is it to hang up, do i need to drill holes in the wall?
A: These are light weight and using command strip style tape it will be on the wall in minutes. (command strips not included)

Q: What colours do you offer?
A: We have a large range of colours: reds, blues, greens, yellows, black, white and many shades in between available to view in the image gallery.

Q: Why is it made from Birch wood and not MDF?
A: Birch wood has a lovely natural grain which can be seen even when painted as opposed to the cheaper MDF wood.

Q: Is the paint used safe?
A: We only use paint that's safe and approved to UK standards.